Quality Management Systems Author & Trainer

Author of the “Quality Management System” work instructions (SOP’s) for Documentation Control, this included the guidance presentations, screencast videos, document templates and co-hosted weekly telephone conferences. Pharmaceutical Compliance “Global Document System” – Managed, maintained and controlled the entire “Global IT” 50+ work instructions, IT Quality Management System for areas like Agile, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Computer Systems Validation and more in a highly regulated, global healthcare industry. – GE...

WordPress Developer for Clients

Designed & developed WordPress based community or business website solutions for clients, delivering an easy to understand user experience for their audience. These systems were designed using WordPress, Photoshop & Illustrator. – Self Employed

Developed a Prototype E-Brochure

Introduction of an Electronic Brochures – a cost saving of thousands of pounds achieved by the development of a multi-language CD brochure than can be presented at exhibitions, this removed the need for supplying several brochures in multiple languages for exhibitions / promotions etc.– Schlumberger...

Business Reviews & Custom Solutions Built

Project management and control of Web designs for individual companies, concept phase through to the end “go live” web application launch for their business – this also includes the maintenance and support for their application. – Self Employed

Helped manage a £6 million project

Helped manage a £6 million chemical factory project have the first phase of design delivered on time and on budget. Resulting in a successful launch to phase 2, building the new manufacturing plant. – Kvaerner Process Ltd.