i am .. an information specialist & problem solver

.. an IT analyst and solutions provider

.. a technical author and knowledge manager


Years Old

Years in Industry

Years Self Employed


I have 10 plus years’ practical experience of analysing user and company requirements within the IT, technology / compliance areas within the Pharmaceutical business and the Oil and Gas industry, translating this information into end / usable solutions. This included delivering results as the leader or as part of a local or Global team or as a single developer, by using existing or newly developed systems and services. Within this period I have specialised in problem solving and analysis of issues by using creative and innovative methods. My commitment is to develop effective processes and knowledge management process, ensuring quality is improved in all practises / areas that I am involved in.

I am reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, eager to learn and have a genuine interest in developing IT solutions & information resources to support good decision making.

I’m a highly motivated Master’s degree IT Specialist, suited to work in multi-faceted departments that cover business, IT and governance.


I have a fundamental belief that underpins all that I do in my career and goals: A good decision cannot be made with bad data, unless it is overruled by experience. My focus is on improving the data that businesses use to make decisions, improve the experienced knowledge of the business people to be able to know better and create a trusted environment within which quality business achievements can be realised.

My ideal job is to be in a business that provides solutions that help improve people’s lives. One where I can analyse problems, user requirements and provide digital combined with non-digital solutions that improves quality, reduces risk and improves the clients chances of making great decisions based from great data.

IT Methodology Specialist

  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) 80%
  • Computer Systems Validation 75%
  • Quality Management Systems 80%
  • Agile 50%
  • Lean Six Sigma 30%

Tech Specialist

  • DB’s: MySQL & Oracle 60%
  • Data Management: Excel & Access 75%
  • Web: HTML & CSS 90%

Knowledge Manager

  • Technical Author 85%
  • Screen Capture: Camtasia 70%
  • Video Production 50%
  • Desktop Publishing 85%

Designer & Developer

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 85%
  • WordPress 90%



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