Inspection Mania – keep calm & find the paperwork

Able to give and receive instructions and maintain focus during times of pressure. For example, maintaining focus during FDA or MHRA inspection visits for company manufacturing licence agreements. – GE Healthcare

Pre-Qualifying Clients Online

Quality response from Web Designs – Worked with client’s to develop standardised questionnaires for their web page, to obtain feedback from viewers when getting in touch for the hire of their services – Self Employed

Creating a Guidance Community

Created / implemented an online “community of practise” for documentation control, sharing guidance, training videos and resources to improve the entire Global “IT divisions” documentation control processes – GE Healthcare

Quality Management Systems Author & Trainer

Author of the “Quality Management System” work instructions (SOP’s) for Documentation Control, this included the guidance presentations, screencast videos, document templates and co-hosted weekly telephone conferences. Pharmaceutical Compliance “Global Document System” – Managed, maintained and controlled the entire “Global IT” 50+ work instructions, IT Quality Management System for areas like Agile, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Computer Systems Validation and more in a highly regulated, global healthcare industry. – GE...

IT Systems Audit and Reduction

Review of IT application / Business systems by performing an “IT Systems Site audit” – Following the review of systems / application used within a manufacturing site audit, a reduction in the number of applications used and also a decrease in the complexity of systems was introduced.– GE...