Pre-Qualifying Clients Online

Quality response from Web Designs – Worked with client’s to develop standardised questionnaires for their web page, to obtain feedback from viewers when getting in touch for the hire of their services – Self Employed

Front Line IT Support

Front line “IT Support” – online support for IT Systems, telephone and in person (On campus). This included log-in details for University system, data location, Internet configuration, etc. – University of East Anglia

On Demand Video Training

WordPress website training for several medium / large web design contracts using Camtasia & YouTube, these contracts included specific personalised training videos created to support / maintain their web sites – Self Employed

Quality Management Systems Author & Trainer

Author of the “Quality Management System” work instructions (SOP’s) for Documentation Control, this included the guidance presentations, screencast videos, document templates and co-hosted weekly telephone conferences. Pharmaceutical Compliance “Global Document System” – Managed, maintained and controlled the entire “Global IT” 50+ work instructions, IT Quality Management System for areas like Agile, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Computer Systems Validation and more in a highly regulated, global healthcare industry. – GE...

WordPress Developer for Clients

Designed & developed WordPress based community or business website solutions for clients, delivering an easy to understand user experience for their audience. These systems were designed using WordPress, Photoshop & Illustrator. – Self Employed